Stable Diffusion

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Stable Diffusion


ThinkDiffusion - Stable Diffusion in the Cloud
Use the most powerful Stable Diffusion UI in under 90 seconds. No code. No setup. Results now. Discover, Upload and Share AI Generated Art is a creative community for showcasing, discovering and creating AI generated art.
Civitai | Share your models
Stable Diffusion 1.5 - Cheat Sheet
Stable Diffusion Style Cheat Sheet
Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator
Generate prompts for Stable Diffusion using ChatGPT.
Prompter – Prompter Guide
Prompt Design Resources For MidJourney AI


Bring Sketches to Life with ControlNet - Scribble
Transfer your rough sketches to awesome images, using controlNet scribble
ControlNet OpenPose
A guide on how to use the ControlNet OpenPose pre-processors